Work With Us People Internship Program Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


At Roe Corporation, you will be part of a growing and visionary organization, comprised of the best and brightest professionals. We promote an atmosphere of openness, respect and trust, and encourage teamwork, collegiality and diversity to all we do. We go to great lengths to attract, inspire and reward creativity and talent. And these values are a promise to our customers and our employees.


We are guided in these principles with the utmost integrity. Providing the highest quality and service requires that Roe Corporation maintain the highest ethical and professional standards in handling Company affairs. Our business is conducted with integrity and honesty and complies with all applicable laws in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage or gain. All staff accepts professional responsibility for their individual decisions and actions, role model ethical conduct, exercise good citizenship and make every effort to advocate the highest ethical standards throughout the entire organization.

Open Door Policy

We encourage the candid expression of ideas and allow a free exchange of perspectives.

Roe Corporation provides a dynamic and supportive work environment. We welcome employees' opinions and suggestions regarding operations, work facilities, procedures, serving our clients and any work related issue. We encourage and promote an atmosphere whereby employees can talk freely with members of the management staff.


We welcome new faces, fresh ideas and original talent. Our people come from all over the world and represent different nationalities, educational backgrounds and life experiences. We welcome their unique perspectives, their energy and ideas and their willingness to learn as well as to teach. Diversity is woven into every aspect of our business and we embrace individuals of varied viewpoints and skill sets to ensure the dynamic growth of our organization.


We support each other in the pursuit of common goals. Our future success as an organization depends on our ability to offer our employees numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Reaching your highest potential requires the right opportunities and resources. We will ensure that you continually learn and develop new skills, formal and informal coaching, and support from your manager on a regular basis. Of course, you also can expect to learn from your colleagues, who have knowledge and experience in every imaginable facet of real estate.

Core Competencies

We empower our employees with responsibility and accountability. Companywide, our core competencies - strong communication, a commitment to increasing contribution to the Company, demonstrated leadership skills, the ability to prioritize and multitask, teamwork and entrepreneurship - guide business and professional success. Roe Corporation is fully committed to excellence and the future of Real Estate. We welcome the opportunity to work with talented, focused, hard working individuals who share our commitment.


We encourage an open and honest atmosphere filled with collaboration. A key element of the Roe Corporation experience is the opportunity to build relationships and network. Our great team environment and culture are due in part to the breadth of exciting activities employees enjoy - both on the job and outside of work. Our employees have fun while building relationships. Some of these activities include: Summer Outings, Organized Sports, Holiday Celebrations, Movie Clubs, Dinner Clubs, and Monthly Nights Out.


We believe in maintaining a healthy balance between your work and your personal time. At Roe Corporation, we understand the importance of balancing all the directions in which we are pulled - striving to succeed at work, spending time with family and friends, contributing to our community, and having time for ourselves. We offer guidance to help you manage your workload and personal priorities and remain flexible with matters important to our employees.