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Roe Corporation¡¯s Internship Program offers students opportunities to learn in a dynamic and challenging environment. The Program allows students to apply the fundamentals and theory they have acquired in the classroom. While actively participating in our multi-faceted firm, students gain valuable knowledge of practical fields within real estate.

Our Summer Internship Program centers on information and learning as opposed to an apprentice-type training program. We give students an opportunity to become acquainted with the various phases of the real estate business. An intern is assigned to a specific staff member to whom the intern is directly responsible. This relationship remains flexible so that the student will have the opportunity to get to know and work with other staff members

While there may be some exceptions to the general rule, the Program is available to college and university students who have successfully completed their second year with a preferred minimum GPA of 3.0.

To improve the chances of successful placement, Roe Corporation requires that interested students prepare a resume including their background, interests, and a cover letter describing what they expect from the Program. Our Human Resources department then interviews qualified prospective interns.

All application materials are due no later than May 25 of the year in which a student wishes to participate. The Summer Internship period begins during the last week of June for a minimum period of ten weeks.

Interns¡¯ responsibilities may include :
Bullet Participating in market analyses. Developing questionnaires; performing door-to-door and telephone surveys; assisting in calculations and quantitative analysis; and researching necessary records and statistics.
Bullet Applying computer skills to solve real estate problems and assisting employees in using personal computers.
Bullet Surveying financing terms available. Contacting lending institutions concerning loan availability, loan terms, and general data gathering. Also, contacting public agencies (e.g., CHFA, FHA, VA) concerning government financing opportunities.
Bullet Participating in the mortgage loan process, including credit ratings; underwriting verifications; truth-in-lending reports; closing documents; packaging loans for the secondary mortgage market; and so forth.
Bullet Inspecting properties (single-family residential or income-producing) with appraiser or supervisor to gain experience in recognizing desirable and undesirable features. Accompanying the appraiser through all facets of an appraisal.
Bullet Performing "in-house" appraisal functions such as obtaining comparable sales data, cost and income figures, and assembling reports for the appraisals.
Bullet Performing appraisals (after observation and under guidance) on single-family residences, both on existing structures and those under construction.
Bullet Preparing portfolios (property briefs) of prospective properties to be provided to a sales agent after the agent has qualified the client.
Bullet Developing and maintaining lists of "for sale by owner" properties for follow-up mailings and contact by the regular staff.
Bullet Preparing advertising copy and news releases. Also, developing layouts, plans, sketches, and photography for other media. (In writing advertisements, the intern will learn the strategies and policies of the participating firm.)
Bullet Performing functions such as maintenance and update of records; posting listings, sales, and trades and analyzing MLS data for absorption rates. Also, assisting in the preparation of escrow papers and placing entries into escrow accounts.
Bullet Performing functions relating to property management. (These might include, for example, showing apartments for rental, assisting associates at open houses, telephone answering assignments, maintaining records and clerical work on listings, bringing comparable files up-to-date, or handling direct mail, etc.)

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