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  Brooklyn, New York City

The Ocean Parkway Project consists of several contiguous lots with a total footprint of 91feet by 130 feet, containing 14 large residences and townhouse style residential condominiums complete with high-end finishes, extensive amenities package, and on-site parking. The project is located in the Ocean Parkway District of Brooklyn.

Buyers in the area tend to come from exclusively one group, the Syrian-Sephardic community, who are already paying a premium to live in the synagogue rich residential district. These condominiums will offer a buyer a spacious apartment, geared to the tastes of the extravagant lifestyle. Currently there is a high demand for luxury homes in this area from older members of the community who do not have the need to maintain large empty houses as well as parents of newly married couples.

Ocean Parkway will offer luxurious lifestyle in a convenient location with amenities including an elegant lobby with 24 hour/7 day doorman, parking, children's room, and private rooftop garden.