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With a focus on long-term application, Roe Corporation provides strategic real estate consulting that is uniquely tailored to each individual case. Through the evaluation of all viable options, we identify solutions that minimize cost, maximize value and optimize the financial, accounting and tax implications associated with complex real estate transactions, portfolios and development strategies.

Our seasoned professionals deliver innovative ideas that help gain a competitive advantage. Because we are focused on addressing complex real estate challenges by first understanding our distinct needs, and then applying our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to offer strategies that create results. Many real estate initiatives are designed to get the immediate job done. But our consultants deliver plans that take a longer view. We exceed expectations by aligning real estate decisions with broader business and financial objectives.

Our consultants conduct thorough property due diligence and market analysis to uncover and identify value maximization strategies.
We utilize proprietary financial models to measure the cash flow and residual values of various development scenarios to identify the optimal solution, which includes detailed and customized analyses of the accounting and tax implications in support of overall strategy development and implementation.